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Call for Abstracts

Please note that submissions that include empirical data can only refer to studies for which the data have already been gathered and analyzed. Abstracts referring to studies that have not yet been concluded will not be considered for evaluation. The official conference language is English.

Contributions to the 17th SPS SGP SSP Conference 2022 are possible in the following four categories.


  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of speakers: either four speakers with a general discussant or five speakers without a general discussant
  • Submission: The symposium organizer submits a) an overall abstract of not more than 250 words, b) a one-sentence summary of not more than 250 characters (including blanks) required for the online program as well as c) all the abstracts of the speakers of the symposium (length of each abstract: not more than 250 words).
  • As we plan to support especially young scientists, all symposia should include a talk by a doctoral or master's student. Furthermore, the presenters should come from at least two different universities.


  • Blitz-Talks are concise individual contributions
  • Each presenter will have 5 minutes to present and 2 minutes for questions.
  • Blitz-Talk presenters submit a) an abstract of not more than 150 words and b) a one-sentence summary of no more than 250 characters (including blanks) required for the online program.
  • Blitz-Talks can report all types of research, but this submission type is especially suitable for presenting single studies on novel topics, new data for discussion, replication studies, and multi-study papers using a well-known methodology.


  • The poster session will be a unique opportunity for extended discussion of your research, potentially with all conference participants (there will be no parallel sessions)
  • Submission: The presenter submits a) an abstract of not more than 250 words and b) a one-sentence summary of not more than 250 characters (including blanks) required for the online program.
  • Participation: We require one author of a poster to attend the entire respective poster session to present the poster.
  • Poster size: A0 portrait format (height 118,9 cm, width 84,1 cm)

Pre-Conference Workshop

  • Duration: any duration between 10am and 6pm on 4th September
  • Submission: The Pre-Conference Workshop organizers submit a) an overall abstract (not more than 250 words) and b) 3 learning goals (not more than 100 words, e.g. "participants know all the relevant concepts of X", "participants can apply method X").

Number of Presenting Roles

The maximum number of presenting roles is one per attendee. Being chair in a symposium or being a pre-conference workshop organizer does not count as a presenting role.

Submission Process

  • 4 February 2022: Deadline submissions (upon multiple requests we have extended the deadline)
  • Middle of March 2022: Notification about abstract acceptance will be sent out
  • 14 April 2022: Early bird registration
  • 27 May 2022: Deadline participant registration for presenters. For the presentation of a talk or poster, registration as participant is required: each person registers individually as participant.