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Keynote, Tuesday, 6 September, Oerlikon Campus (BIN-0-K.02), 09:15-10:30

Nancy A. Pachana, Ph.D., Professor, The University of Queensland, Australia 

The Importance of Psychology as a Discipline for Positive Longevity

A large percentage of the current younger generation will live to 100 - but we as a society, and perhaps as individuals, are not well-prepared to take advantage of this longevity dividend. Psychology as a discipline has an extremely important role to play in ensuring this longevity dividend is well-utilized. This talk will explore the ways psychology can help a diverse range of individuals to thrive in later life, to build personal resources and skills to maximise wellbeing over the life course, and offer innovative solutions to functional, environmental, and psychological barriers to successful aging, at an individual, community, and global societal level, for all individuals.