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Symposia, Tuesday, 6 September, 11:00-12:30

2:01: Well-Being and Social Relationships in Swiss LGBT+ PopulationsBIN-0-K.02
2.02: Recent Advances in Motivation Science I: Basic ProcessesBIN-1-B.01
2.03: Judgment and Decision Making: Individual and Age-Related DifferencesAND-3-02/06
2.04: Do Look up! The Social Consequences of Ignoring Others by Looking at the PhoneBIN-0-K.12
2.05: Topics from Experimental JurisprudenceAND-2-02
2.06: Romantic Relationships in Young, Middle, and Late AdulthoodAND-4-06
2.07: Interactions Between Psychology and Implementation ScienceAND-2-04
2.08: Stress Vulnerability and Psychopathological ProcessesAND-4-02
2.09: Recent Studies on the Effect of Hunger on Cognition and EmotionBIN-1-D.22
2.10: Development of Language Ability in Early and Middle Childhood: Individual Differences and Metacognitive FactorsAND-2-06

The names of the authors as well as the abstracts can be found in ConfTool (Browse Conference Agenda).

BIN = Oerlikon Campus, Binzmühlestrasse 14

AND = Oerlikon Campus, Andreasstrasse 15